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Commercial dishwasher (Door type dishwasher)

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Commercial dishwasher (Door type dishwasher)


Prime Door-Style Dishwasher that adds premium class to a restaurant by ensuring clean tableware.


☆ A smart dishwasher that allows simultaneous opening of three doors.
☆ Convertible to fit a corner.
☆ Just One Touch! Just one touch for power on and cleaning.
☆ Economical cleaning that ensures reduced utility bill and detergent use with sophisticated equipment.
☆ Not just powerful cleaning but also sterilizing with high-temperature rinsing water!
☆ Enhanced washing arms provide 50% more of more powerful cleaning.
☆ Tailored cleaning operating on various washing programs.
☆ User safety ensured with a variety of safety features.


  • A smart dishwasher that allows 3 doors opening simultaneously.

    Prime Door-Style Dishwasher enables the simultaneous opening of three doors, thus ensuring smooth up-down motion and maximizing user convenience.

  • On-spot convertibility to fit a corner

    What if the product doesn't fit the space arragement at our restaurant? What if the business relocates? What if the kitchen space is remodeled? Do you have a lot of thoughts?

    Prime's Door-Style Dishwasher provides on-spot convertibility to fit a corner, thus dissolving consumer concerns.

  • High-temperature cleaning operation

    Compact models in Prime's Door-Style Dishwasher, PMD-1200 and PMD-1200E guarantee ware hygiene by providing rinsing at a temperature of 82℃ or higher.

  • Just One Touch starts and finishes the entire operation!

    With one single touch on the Power-on button, the washing tank is filled with water and turns on the booster heater. Just one touch activates the fully automated process of complete tableware cleaning.

  • 2-way washing that operates thoroughly at top and bottom.

    2-way washing that operates through swiveling cleaning and rinsing spray is essential to ensure kitchenware hygiene.

  • Micro-cleaning that operates on the harmony of hot water, water flow, and washing angles.

    Meticulous warewashing is ensured by the harmony of hot water, water flow, washing angles, and detergent amount.

  • More powerful cleaning power

    The upgraded washing arms provide 50% more of cleaning power, and the recently designed and applied water jet pattern ensures even spraying all over the surface for warewashing.

  • Economical cleaning that ensures reduced utility bill and detergent use with sophisticated equipment

    While water is recirculated, more water is added for the final rinse, thus using 4.5L of water and a small amount of detergent. And with sophisticated equipment, economical cleaning ensures reduced utility bill and detergent use.

  • User safety ensured with a variety of safety features.

    Enhanced efficiency in door opening and closing, low-level water detection sensor, and door safety switch ensure improvement with regard to safety and fatigue, not only for user but also for the dishwasher.

  • Customized cleaning using 7 programs

    Seven cleaning programs are provided to ensure effcient warewashing fit for the purpose and ware types.

  • Reasonable price and handling a wider array of tableware

    Prime Door-Style Dishwasher not only offers a reasonable price, but also ensures accommodation of a wider array of tableware. Experience diversified warewashing with Door-Style Dishwasher.

  • Handy maintenance

    Equipped with replaceable up-down arms, the product ensures handy and cheaper replacement for any parts with problems.

  • Automatic fill of water tank

  • In-built electric booster heater (4-6KW)

  • Easier spatial planning with a model fit for a corner

  • Tank heater (for gas; 1.5KW)

  • Power 1HP pump motor

  • Steainless steel front and side cover.

  • Pipes compatible with other parts available in the market

  • In-built detergent supply devide

  • Protection of tank heater at low water levels