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Steam convection oven

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Steam convection oven


This oven cooks perfectly without losing not only food's taste and shape, but its nutrition.


1. An automatic cooking function for various foods - The smart prime steam convection oven
An automatic cooking program for over 150 dishes is built-in, thus reducing cooking time and improving the taste of food.

With a smart prime combi oven, even difficult dishes can be done with one touch!

2. Easy Control
By adopting intuitive functions, favorite dishes can be completed in an easy and quick manner. This is the prime steam convection oven that anyone can easily use from the beginner to the expert.

3. Spatial utility - Select the door's left or right side types
This oven allows consumers to use the door on either the left or right side. Therefore, the user's convenience according to the pattern of use can be increased and the user can utilize even narrow spaces efficiently.

4. Improve taste, Reduce time! Even price competitiveness!
This oven produces better taste than when using oil. It reduces cooking time using high temperatures and steam, and only includes key functions. This has removed price bubbles!

5. Perfectly sterilize food poisoning bacteria
6. Minimized loss of nutrients
7. Various menu functions
8. Select the door's right or left side types - Spatial utility
9. Reduce cooking space by one third
10. The two-way motor rotation mode that prevents uneven cooking
11. Save cooking time, oil, and labor costs.
12. A long rack length that enables smooth convection circulation
13. Anyone can prepare various and delicious dishes in an easy and convenient manner.

14. Convenient and relaxing automatic cooking
The automatic cooking function of the prime steam convection oven basically provides over 150 various dishes including Western, Chinese, Korea food and bakery. Therefore, various menus are cooked in an easy and quick manner.

15. Fine and free manual cooking
The oven's manual cooking function enables delicate cooking suited to various appetites by improving cooking quality using a temperature sensor and humidity controller.

Steamed dishes - steamed egg, steamed fish, rice cake, flavored glutinous rice
Grilled food - various types of bread, pizza, pastry, croissant, biscuit, chicken, fish, meat, confectionery, bakery
Hard-boiled food - various meat, fish, and chicken dishes, food boiled down in soy sauce or other seasonings, stir-fried dishes, etc

The prime oven's unique high-efficiency heat control technology reduces the loss of heat. Therefore, it does not lose not only food's tate or shape, but its nutrition and cooks in a quick and perfect manner. Upon any order, anyone can prepare various and delicious dishes with easy and convenient touch-based operations.